Full Day Zipline

We depart from our Nong Khiaw office at 8:30 am head 12 Km east to the starting point, where we will start to trek. The trail passes through a bamboo forest and jungle, giving us the chance to hear and see wildlife (around 20 min trek), until we reach the Zipline area.

Ziplining in the jungle

We will enjoy the sensation of being weightless in our 6 Zip-lines through the jungle (up to 340 meters long). Once we get to the middle point of our adventure, we will take a short trek to an old hospital used in the Indochina war. Before stopping for lunch we have some new challenges with abseiling, sky-high walk, V rope-bridges and a rope bridge and nets (up to 150 m long and around 65 m high).Then a delicious Lao style lunch is provided. This lunch will be enjoyed at a scenic spot next to a waterfall.

Homemade Laos food

After lunch we will head to our Tarzan swing. Finally we will arrive to our highlight with our longest, fastest and most exhilarating Zip-line (400 m long) followed by three more flights through the jungle.

Ziplining with Jungle Fly

Finally, we will walk across bamboo bridges, pass through rice paddies and enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountainous landscape (approx. 40 min) before approaching the end point and returning to our Nong Khiaw office.

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