1 Day Muang Ngoi Kayak Experience

This trip is an excellent way to see what the Nam Ou River has to offer. Several hours of nothing but water and wildlife with stops at scenic spots to enjoy the wonderful views, relax and take photos of what will remain as a happy memory for a long time.

Lanscape from boat

We will meet in our Nong Khiaw office and walk for 5 minutes heading to the river. A boat will be waiting for us with the kayaks on it. The tour will start going upstream which will allow us to watch water buffalos as well as pigs. After 30 min or so we get off the boat at Sop Kong Village where we leave the kayaks and head to Muang Ngoi with the boat.

After half an hour or so we get off the boat at Muang Ngoi ready to explore the village. Time for you to by some refreshments, if needed.

Back to the boat that will take us to the Sop Kong Village. If we are lucky the locals might be celebrating that day and we get to know a bit better their “party culture”.Sopkong village as par of our tour

After this short stop we trek for an hour to get to Tad Mork waterfall, have a refreshing swim and enjoy a delicious homemade Lao lunch.Swimming in waaterfall with Jungle Fly

Back to the village our guide will give you basic paddle instruction and a kayaking safety talk for about 15 minutes. Now the fun starts!

We paddle downstream and enjoy the feel of the wet element and the smells of nature. We are likely to encounter quite a few birds; once in a while we will stop on sand banks to stretch our legs, if you wish.Kayak down the Nam Ou

Along the way we will come across local people fishing and waving at us calling you “Falang” (the word they use to refer to foreigners).

The final stop will be Nong Khiaw for a deserve rest after a long and fun day.

Note. The boat will follow us in case you are tired and need a bit of help to get to Nong Khiaw.

Please, contact us to find out the price.